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Stiletto Nail Shape

Today, I have a basic nail technique video on how to create a stiletto nail shape. This is my first time to shape my own nails so sharp and pointy…

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Almond Nail Shape

Going back to the basics! Today, I made a video on how I shape my nails into an almond shape. It was requested so many times on my YouTube channel, and I’m very happy that…

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Realistic Rose Nail Art

Today, I have something very exciting to share with you! I was lucky enough to do a collaboration with Annabel from FollowThatWay!! …

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Best Fiends Nail Art

If you’re a fan of colour matching games such as Polish Blast and Candy Crush, you’ll enjoy this unique game…

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Animated Nail Art

Recently, I discovered a new hobby of mine which is to create animation, not on paper but on nails…

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Hedgehog Nail Art

When I was brainstorming for one of the nail art challenge themes “Little Critter”, hedgehogs were the first to come to my mind…

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