BeautyBigBang Holo Chameleon Powders

Today, I’m going to show you some unique HOLO powders from BeautyBigBang. If you’re a fan of HOLO (the term for a holographic effect created by Cristine, Simply Nailogical), this post will be perfect for you!


BeautyBigBang Holo Powder 3

The photo above is the HOLO powder (BeautyBigBang HOLO Powder). I currently have four HOLO powders from different companies, but this one has the best rainbow intensity I’ve ever seen!


BeautyBigBang Holo Powder 2

The next four powders are a hybrid of HOLO and Chameleon / Peacock effect. The Chameleon / Peacock effect makes the nail colour shift into multiple different shades.


BeautyBigBang Holo Powder J2952 3A

The colour code J2952-3A is a purplish pink colour that shifts to moss green when tilted. The beautiful rainbow HOLO effect will show up under direct light such as sunlight or phone light.


BeautyBigBang Holo Powder J2952 6A

This is colour J2952-6A, which is my favourite! The colour shifts from purple to aqua blue. And the intense rainbow is just…wow!


BeautyBigBang Holo Powder J2952 7A

This is colour J2952-7A, which shifts from pale gold (with a hint of green) to warm gold. As a big fan of HOLO and gold colour, this is like a birthday and Christmas combined! 😀


BeautyBigBang Holo Powder J2952 11A

The last one is a colour J2952-11A, which shifts from aqua green to grass green. I LOVE this strong green colour and I can’t wait to use this for upcoming spring nail art designs!

I can only tell so much with photos, why not have a look at these gorgeous babies in action!!


BeautyBigBang Holo Powder J2952

All of these magical powders are from BeautyBigBang, and there are many other colours to choose from! If you decide to try yourself, make sure to use the exclusive code BEES10 to get a 10% discount!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I rarely do product review posts, so I don’t know whether I have enough information or not. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below!

Thank you for your visit <3

*The products were kindly sent by BeautyBigBang for an honest review