Humanoid Unicorn Nail Art

Long time no see! It’s been over a month since the last post and I’m so sorry if you were checking back regularly. I’ll talk about what has been happening later in this post, but for now, let’s focus on today’s nail art πŸ™‚

As you may already know, drawing is my favourite hobby. I especially enjoy creating my own characters and making up their stories. Does this make me a creepy person? XD

Today, I’m going to show you one of my original characters that I created recently.

Humanoid Unicorn

This is a humanoid unicorn boy (I haven’t picked his name yet, any suggestions??).

He is a prince of planet Cinnamon Roll and he is 349 human years old. He has a pale lavender skin, custard cream coloured hair which curls at the bottom, lavender galaxy eyes, unicorn ears and a rainbow unicorn horn. His birthday is Dec 18. Donuts are his comfort food.


Nailbees Original Character Unicorn

He has a magical power that can even control the whole planet’s activity, but he has just finished his toilet training and needs help in making good conscience decisions. A unicorn donut, his sidekick, takes the role and looks after him.


Unicorn Donut Nails

The photo above is the sidekick unicorn donut, which I haven’t named yet either. He travels with the unicorn boy and supports him to grow into a good boy. He has a soft spongy body covered with milk chocolate sauce and colourful sprinkles, small wings and a little rainbow horn. Sometimes he gets eaten by the unicorn boy, but the body parts can regenerate as long as his little horn is unharmed.

All the character features above is just me making stuff up. Creepy, right? LOL


Unicorn Donut

On my pinky, I’ve tried a new technique called sugar nails. It’s just a layer of sparkly glitter without a top coat on top, which leaves the nail with a sugar-like texture.


White Glitter Powder Nails

The photo above is the close up of my pinky.


White Glitter Powder

This is the white glitter powder I used for the sugar nail technique. I bought a sample pack from Kolortek a while ago and this was one of the samples.


Here is the video of my original character, humanoid unicorn nail art! I hope you enjoy!!

You may have noticed that a lot of my YouTube videos are missing from my channel at the moment. This is because I made a bad decision in choosing a background music provider that turned out to be a scam. This forced me to come up with a decision to remove all the videos that contain their music. I’d like to forget the experience I had with them, so please forgive me not sharing all the details.

Coincidentally, pretty much at the same time as this issue happened, I heard a rumour that sometimes fan art can be considered as a copyright fraud. This made me very sad and I seriously couldn’t believe it, because people create fan art with lots of love and passion towards the anime or movies, and so do I πŸ™

However, removing some of my videos was a very painful experience and I never want to repeat the same mistake or take any risks of doing anything that may be considered wrong. This is why I decided not to make any videos that are based on characters created by other people.

Instead, I decided to create and use my own characters for my future videos. This is how my first character, the unicorn boy and his unicorn donut were created.


Unicorn Nails

This post is like a new beginning for me, and I’d be super happy if you come along on this new journey with me…<3


Thank you very much for your visit! Minnie xx


26 Jun Update: Thanks to all my super sweet followers on YouTube for coming up with the AWESOME names for my characters! I’ve decided to go for the most popular names, Finn for the Unicorn Boy and Sprinkles for the Unicorn Donut!!

Names Finn and Sprinkles