Original Character Nail Art Snow Fox

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my new original character! His name is Helix and he is inspired by a snow fox (aka arctic fox). One last winter design, just before the snowy season completely ends 🙂


Helix The Snow Fox

This is Helix – my newest addition to Planet Cinnamon Roll, a world that I’m creating with my friends on my YouTube channel.

Helix lives alone in the powder sugar snow mountain. His job is to create the powder snow to keep the mountain nice and chilly. He is rather quiet and doesn’t show his emotions so much. He loves to curl up in his galaxy tail and take a nap.


Snowflake Nails

The photo above is the rest of my nails. The amazing blue cat eye polish pretty much completes the design on its own. So I only added a couple of snowflakes.


Snowflake Nail Art

I LOVE drawing snowflakes, but drawing 6 pointy ends (like a hexagon shape) in a well balanced way can be tricky. I’ve included a tutorial on how to draw a snowflake perfectly in the video below, so I hope you like it!



Madam Glam Cat Eye Gel Polish

The amazing cat eye polish I used today is called DressCode Blue and it’s from Madam Glam. When I first saw this polish on their Instagram, I instantly came up with today’s design!


Madam Glam DressCode Blue

Snowflake Nail Art Design

I love how the magnetic particles sparkle under direct light!


Madam Glam Silver Magic

The glitter polish I used on my pinky and thumb is called Silver Magic. It has a HOLO effect which becomes visible in direct light. I’ll do a swatch of this polish in the next post!


Blue Cat Eye Nail Polish


Nailbees OC HelixIt’s been crazy busy lately and I’m not posting as much as I was planning at the beginning of the year 🙁 I’m not expecting any interruptions for the next little bit, so hopefully I can post a little more often!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Thank you so much for your visit <3 xx

*The gel polishes I used in this post were kindly sent by Madam Glam for a review.