Re Zero Rem Inspired Nail Art

Have you watched Re:Zero before?? I’m a big fan of this Japanese anime and Rem is my absolute favourite character! Today, I’ll be creating a nail art design inspired by her!


Re Zero Rem Nail Art Design

I’m in LOVE with Rem’s sweet and loyal characteristics, as well as when she turns into a devil and becomes almost invincible lol


Rem Nail Art

Usually, her right eye is covered with herΒ fringe, but I couldn’t help myself drawing both of her beautiful blue eyes!


Re Zero Rem Inspired Nails

The photo above is the rest of my nails. On my middle finger, I’ve added a long triangle aurora foil to imitate Rem’s horn. Yes, she grows her horn when she uses her devil power.

Here is the video of how I made this Re:Zero Rem nail art design! I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚


Re Zero Rem Nails

Did you enjoy watching my first experience with a peel-off base coat?? Hehehe, I’ve been watching Cristine, aka Simply Nailogical using the base coat and I always wanted to try it myself! It is the beat way to use it before applying gel polish, so that you can just peel it off instead of soaking in acetone which takes forever and dries out the skin so much!

This is Cristine’s video that I learned so much about peel-off base coat. I’ve probably watched it at least 20 times!


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