Summer Cat Nail Art

Can you believe it’s already into the second half of the year?? That means we’re almost there to Halloween and Christmas (too early to think about them now?)!! Woohoo! XDΒ Hahaha, anyways! Today, I have a summer inspired cat nail art!


Broken Nail

Last week, one of my nails broke! Luckily, it snapped at the free edge and didn’t impact my nail bed (the pink part of the nail). As you can see, it was pretty much off, so I didn’t go for a silk wrap or tea bag technique to try saving it. Instead, I’ve chopped them all off!!


Cat Nail Art

Since I have much smaller canvases to work with, I took this opportunity and went for a simpler nail art design – A cat wearing a pair of sunglasses!



AND! I’ve been super lucky enough to have a jewellery sponsor, DOTOLY!! Look how CUTE the kitty ring is, aww!!


DOTOLY Jewelries

They kindly sent me three super cute animal rings and a gorgeous kitty necklace! OMG, I have to tell you that I’m in LOVE with all of them, especially the little lamb!! πŸ˜€


DOTOLY Cat Necklace

Hehehe, they match so well with my favourite ice cream kitty T-shirt!! The store not only have these awesome jewellery, they also have all sorts of animal related products like clothes and stationery.

I’ll be buying some cat T-shirts and hats there from now on! If you’re interested, this is the link to the store:


Going back to my nails! Today, I also decided to create a nail animation!! It is about a cat, floating in the water on his floating tube, drinking something cold and fruity.


Glow In The Dark Nails Cat

At the end of the nail animation, I’ve included a glow in the dark photo. I always have trouble capturing the glow with my camera. It looks okay in semi darkness, showing the right colours and everything. But in complete darkness it becomes blurry and changes the colours from blue to green for some reason lol


Glow In The Dark Powders

I used some of these glow in the dark powders I got from Banggood. I’ve mixed them into a clear gel polish and applied onto the nail.


Glow In The Dark Sand Yellow

For the stars in the sky, I used this glow in the dark sand which is from Beauty Bigbang. This one glows SO WELL!! I used a LED lamp to charge it for only 30 seconds, but it glows so bright for quite some time!

Here is the video on how I made my summer cat nail art and the nail animation, I hope you enjoy!


Nail Foil Glue

For the gold sunglass frame, I used a mirror effect transfer foil. For the transfer foils, you’d need either a sticky layer from gel polishes or a foil glue. I’ve been wanting to try a proper foil glue for such a long time, and I’m so happy that I finally got a chance!

The foil glue I used is from Banggood, and it works like a TREAT!!!! It’s SUPER sticky and it lets the foil transfer so cleanly, if that makes sense.


Nail Foils

Talking about nail foils, did you know there are two types of foil? One is called transfer foil. Transfer foil has two sides which are clearly different in colour, so that you’d know to place the dull side down onto the glue or a sticky layer of gel polish. The colour of the foil will be “transferred” onto the nail, and the protective sheet will be peeled off.

The other one is mirror effect foil. They are usually in a shiny aurora or mermaid colour (aka Unicorn Skin by Cristine from Simply Nailogical). And they don’t have a distinct difference in sides = both sides basically look the same. They are simply cut into pieces, placed onto the nails and then sealed in with a top coat – no glue needed.

The reason why I’m explaining this is because, I DID NOT KNOW!!! And I spent soooo much time trying to “transfer” the mirror effect foil and kept on failing LOL I’m glad that I finally realised it!


Silicone Nail Tools

The tool I used to transfer the foil is one of these silicone tools, which are from Beauty Bigbang. This really helped with transferring the foil so perfectly!


Cat Nails Sunglasses

Sorry for the super long post! I had so many things I wanted to share today!!

Thank you very much for your visit!! (^3^)/xxox