A Girl From Space Nail ArtThis is only the second post since I decided to start creating my own original characters (OC in short). In such a short time, my wonderful friends on Instagram and YouTube have offered me more than 20 super detailed ideas for my new OCs! I feel so lucky to have such talented and thoughtful friends supporting my decision…β™‘


Original Character Nail ArtToday’s nail art is my second OC named Yaqoue (pronounced “ya-kwii”)! I’ve created her with a huge amount of help from a kind girl, Crackee who told me the details about Yaqoue in one of my YouTube video comments a while ago.


Butterfly Nail ArtI brought some shooting stars and a butterfly into this mani, because Yaqoue is from space and I added a butterfly theme to her outfit.


Butterfly NailsFor the sparkly butterfly, I’ve used a blue mirror foil from BeautyBigBang. I’ve been using the foils so many times because they’re so thin and easy to use, also I’m in LOVE with how the colour shifts depending on its angle.


Nailbees Original Character YaqoueThis is a close up of Yaqoue. She is eating her favourite food, a slice of galaxy pizza! She is 18 galaxy years old, living in a tiny apartment away from her mother, whom she misses everyday.

From the sound of it, I think she has been forced to be in the current situation, like she is on a mission of some sort. Hehe, I haven’t properly thought about her background story yet. I’m hoping to create a story that can fit in with my first OC Finn.

To be honest, I wanted her to look cool by giving her the upward slanted eyes, but I gave her the big round eyes instead for some reason. So I’m not really happy with her face, but I really like how her blue galaxy hair turned out!

Here is the video on how I created this nail art – I hope you enjoy!


Banggood Medium Blue GlitterThe blue glitter I used for the sugar nail on my pinky is from Banggood.


Banggood 24 Glitter SetIt was a part of my brand new 24 glitter set – Oooh! There are so many gorgeous colours and I can’t wait to try them all!!


Blue Purple Butterfly NailsDuring the designing process for Yaqoue, I was torn between the colour schemes of violet and blue. I tested the violet scheme on my “other hand” and I really liked it, but just before starting to film, I decided to go for the blue scheme following Yaqoue’s hair colour. I know, I’m not very good at making up my mind LOL


Butterfly Nail Art DesignSo! I hope you liked my second original character πŸ™‚ It’ll be really cool if I could create a series that is dedicated to my OC… hehe maybe I’m too ambitious at this point.


Thank you for your visit!!