Stamping Nail Art EJIUBAS

Today, I decided to take on a new challenge – STAMPING!!! I’ve tried stamping nail art before, but unfortunately I wasn’t very successful. Luckily, Bella from EJIUBAS decided to have faith in me and kindly gave me an opportunity to give it one last shot at stamping!

Let me introduce my brand new Ejiubas products!!Β Ejiubas stamping plates are two sided, which means you get two stamping plates in one! Hmmm that’s so clever!!

Ejiubas Stamping Plate

The photo above is the freshly opened Ejiubas stamping plates! They’re individually packed in paper envelopes.


Ejiubas Stamping Plate

The plate has a blue plastic protection that you can peel off.


So, the photos below are the stamping plates and my poor efforts of test stamping on paper LOL

Ejiubas EJB 06

Ejiubas EJB-06

Ejiubas EJB-07

Ejiubas EJB-07

The stamping plates I got are EJB-06 and EJB-07. The EJB-06 plate has useful patterns for tribal, aztec and mandala nail art. EJB-07 has lots of abstract, wavy and check (plaid) patterns which I think will be perfect for autumn and winter nail art!


Ejiubas Stamper

The photo above is the stampers and scraping cards.


Ejiubas Stamper

This is a close up of the clear stamper. The pack includes 3 stampers with different coloured crystal caps. The stamper heads are super clear, Β SO soft and squishy!!


Let’s move onto the nail art I created using these products!

Stamping Nail Art Summer

For the first design, I chose the simplest pattern on EJB-07 plate. I stamped the spiral design on top of some mermaid scales.


Stamping Nail Art Pink Plaid

This is a cozy plaid nail art. The plaid pattern was also from EJB-07 plate. I used a regular nail polish to do the stamping for this design, and I was shocked how well the pattern turned out!


Stamping Nail Art Design

This is my favourite! The pattern was a part of the mandala patterns on EJB-06, but to me it looks more like a nordic snowflake and I LOVE it!


Marble Stone Nail Art Purple

The last design is a tribal or aztec pattern from EJB-06 plate. I’ve stamped them onto a purple marble stone background!


Here is my super amateur stamping video, and I’ll be showing all 4 nail art! I hope you enjoy!!


Stamping Nail Art Tribal PatternThe stamping polishes I used are from Hit The Bottle. They work REALLY well!! Even though the ones I got are mini bottles, they have the mixing balls inside so that I can shake to fix the polish separation!

Hehe, I’m not too sure if my stamping review is helpful, but I hope you enjoyed seeing my struggles lol

Thank you for your visit!! <3