Kitty Paw Nail ArtToday, I’ve created a pretty normal nail art – Kitty Paw! I thought this would be a good little change up from the complicated hand painted nail art that I’ve been doing lately.


Kitty Paw NailsI’ve been wanting to do this design since I saw a tutorial of how to create a fuzzy cat paw nail art by @miroshkina_nailsΒ on Instagram.


Cat Paw Print NailsFor the 3D paw, I wanted to use some flocking powder to make it look fluffy, but the powder kept on falling out. So I used some white sparkly acrylic powder instead.


Cat Paw NailsOn my thumb and ring finger, I created some paw shaped windows, which I can see through to the flakies underneaths. This gorgeous pink and purple flaky polish is from Starrily, and it’s called SORCERY.

Here is the video of how I made this Kitty Paw nail art, I hope you enjoy!


Cat Paw Nail DesignOn my left hand, I have the same design but with a glossy top coat. Also, I wanted to experiment with a different nail shape, this is why I have an oval shape on my left hand.


Kitten Paw Nail ArtI’m thinking about mixing up the types of nail art. I’d like to alternate between simple nail art like this, some basic nail tutorials such as filing and cuticle care, and my original character nail art. And hopefully, I can post more often!!

Thank you very much for your visit! <3 xxx