Stiletto Nail Shape

Today, I have a basic nail technique video on how to create a stiletto nail shape. This is my first time to shape my own nails so sharp and pointy!... read more

Gudetama Nail Art

I have another Japanese character inspired nail art today! It's Gudetama!! Gudetama is a lazy egg character which was created by Sanrio... read more

Gifts From Cassis!

I'm wondering what I did to deserve such special gifts from a super talented person like her???... read more

Almond Nail Shape

Going back to the basics! Today, I made a video on how I shape my nails into an almond shape. It was requested so many times on my YouTube channel, and I'm very happy that... read more

Nyan Cat Nail Art

I know that Nyan Cat was popular sometime in 2011, but I still LOVE this super cute pop-tart bodied kitty!! And of course, the crazy but addictive song too... read more