Starrily Nail Polish Swatch

I’m currently addicted to three things – HOLO, Chrome Powders and Flakes! Today, I’m going to show you some AMAZING flaky polishes from Starrily!


Starrily Nail Polishes

The first thing I have to talk about this nail polish company is their box. Isn’t that the most beautiful nail polish package you’ve ever seen?!! I usually throw away any polish boxes, but I can’t for this one! It makes me want to dedicate the whole shelf to display this beauty.


Starrily Horcrux 1

What’s inside the box is even more amazing! The flaky polish above is called HORCRUX. Unfortunately I can no longer find the product in the store. Hopefully it’ll get restocked!


Starrily Horcrux 2

HORCRUX has a flaky which shifts from vivid pink to lime green. I’ve applied two coats, no sponging. I used this in my Hedgehog Christmas Nail Art back in December.


Starrily Horcrux 3

Starrily Horcrux 4


Starrily Alchemy 1

This one is called ALCHEMY, which shifts from green, gold, orange and red. It reminds me of autumn leaves! Same as the HORCRUX, I’ve applied two coats without sponging.


Starrily Alchemy 2

Starrily Alchemy 3

Starrily Alchemy 4


Starrily Sorcery 1

This is SORCERY, which shifts from vivid pink, purple, blue and occasional lime green. I used this polish for my Kitty Paw Nail Art.


Starrily Sorcery 2

Starrily Sorcery 3

Starrily Sorcery 4


Starrily Patronus 1

This is PATRONUS, and this is my favourite! The colour shifts from purple to blue, which is a combo I absolutely LOVE!


Starrily Patronus 2

Starrily Patronus 3

Starrily Patronus 4


Starrily Magic Rainbow 1

The last polish is not a flaky polish, but it’s HOLO! This is called MAGIC RAINBOW, and it’s truly magical πŸ™‚ Unlike the HOLO powders, you don’t need any black polish underneath to get this beautiful rainbow. I’ve applied three coats to get a full opacity.


Starrily Magic Rainbow 2

Starrily Magic Rainbow 2

Starrily Magic Rainbow 4


Starrily Patronus 5

I’m going to finish the post with my favourite! I hope you enjoyed my swatches. Except for the HORCRUX, the polishes are all available from theΒ Starrily store.

Thank you for your visit!

*The products used in this post were kindly sent by Starrily for my honest review