BeautyBigBang Aurora Holo Flakes

This post is a video review for the Aurora Chameleon Holo Flakes from BeautyBigBang.

The Aurora Chameleon Holo Flake is a hybrid of aurora (aka Unicorn skin), colour changing chameleon and chunky Holo. It will be applied using an eyeshadow sponge, just like a chrome powder.


BeautyBigBang Aurora Holo FlakeI usually struggle with capturing the Holo with a camera, but it was a pleasure today – all thanks to the chunky pieces of Holo! The rainbow sparkles are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!


Aurora Holo Flake

The colour changing chameleon flake also has a chrome effect, which makes it shine like a mirror.

Here is my video review for the flakes! They come with 14 different colours and I’ve tried all of them. I hope you can find your favourite colours!


Holo Chameleon Flake

I was so mesmerised by this chameleon and chunky Holo combo! It’s like having galaxy nails, but without the effort of sponging tons of different colour polishes and hand painting the stars.

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The Product Page: Aurora Chameleon Holo Flakes


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