Madam Glam Polish Swatch

Today, I have some new gel polishes to share with you! They’re from Madam Glam, and these shades are absolutely gorgeous! So, let’s get the polish swatch started!


Madam Glam Mimosa

The first shade is called Mimosa. Mimosa is a bright sunflower colour. It’s well pigmented and it self levels like a boss!

In case you’re wondering, self levelling is related to how flowing the polish is. If the polish is nice and flowing, it’ll create less brush streaks and bumps on the polished surface. On the other hand, a thick polish consistency (typically in highly pigmented polishes) requires some application skills and more time for the polish surface to even out on its own. So, the well pigmented, flowing polishes are the best to work with!


Madam Glam Mimosa Polish

In my photos the colour looks like a very bright “warning” yellow. But in person, it has a slight hint of orange that makes it really like a sunflower colour.


Madam Glam Mimosa Nail Polish

As I mentioned before, the polish is well pigmented and the consistency is nice and smooth. I’ve applied three thin layers to achieve the opacity in the photos.


Madam Glam Mimosa Gel Polish



Madam Glam Silver Magic

Next up is called Silver Magic. Silver Magic has a load of micro silver glitter and it shows a scattered HOLO effect under direct light. The consistency is slightly on the thick side, but it spreads easily over the nail. It required three thin coats to achieve the opacity in my photos.


Madam Glam Silver Magic Polish


Madam Glam Silver Magic Gel Polish

Here is the difference between a HOLO and a scattered HOLO effect. The photo above is the scattered HOLO, the rainbow particles are scattered across the entire nail. The photo below is the HOLO, which creates lines of rainbow over the nail. It is a HOLO powder from the BeautyBigBang HOLO Powder Review post.

BeautyBigBang Holo Powder


Madam Glam Silver Magic Gel Polish 2

Madam-Glam Silver Magic Nail Polish



Madam Glam DressCode Blue

Lastly, my favourite of all three! This is called DressCode Blue, and it’s a Cat Eye gel nail polish. After the polish application and before curing, hold a Cat Eye Magnet over the nail, then you’ll get this beautiful Cat Eye line across the nail! I’ve applied two layers, creating the Cat Eye lines after each application.


Madam-Glam DressCode Blue Polish

This was the colour I was trying to find for a long time and when I first saw this polish on Madam Glam’s Instagram, I instantly fell in LOVE!! Since I saw this polish, I already knew that I was going to create this recent nail art: Original Character Nail Art – Snow Fox.


Madam Glam DressCode Blue Nail Polish

Madam Glam DressCode Blue Gel Polish 2

I hope you enjoyed today’s swatching! If you’re interested in these polishes, they’re available from the link below:

Which colour is your favourite?! Thank you very much for your visit <3

*The products I used in this post were kindly sent by Madam Glam for a review