BigBang Nail Art

Hiii!! Merry Christmas!! I have a blog post on Christmas day because I have nothing else to do LOL 😀

Anyways, I have a little bit of a different nail art design for this special day! I’ve attempted to draw actual human beings for the first time…well, they ended up like anime characters, but OH WELL!!

The people I “tried” to draw are the members of BIGBANG! BIGBANG is a Kpop boy group that I didn’t know until it was requested on my YouTube channel.

BigBang Nail Design

The photo above is the end result of my first portrait experiment. For some reason, they’re naked… xD


BIGBANG Daesung Nail Art

These naked men kept me blushing and distracted, so I decided to give them some Christmas costumes! The first member I drew was Daesung and I turned him into Olaf!



T.O.P is such a beautiful man and also the HARDEST to draw!! I gave him an Elf costume.


BIGBANG G Dragon Nail Art

This is G-Dragon Santa! I tried not to cover up his face with Santa’s beard by drawing it below the face line, like I did for the Jack Skellington nail art a while back.


Jack Skellington Christmas Nail Art

The photo above is my Jack Skellington with his beard hanging low.


BIGBANG Taeyang Nail Art

This is Taeyang with his polar bear costume. He looks the toughest in the group (in my opinion), that’s why I couldn’t resist giving him the cuddliest and cutest costume!


BIGBANG Seungri Nail Art

The girl who requested a BIGBANG nail art design loves Seungri. So I drew him on my thumb which has the biggest drawing space! She told me that Seungri is the funniest in the group and he always makes people laugh. That inspired me to turn him into a comedic reindeer! 😀


BIGBANG Christmas Nail Art

This is my BIGBANG Christmas family! It’s different, but I think it’s festive and fun!

Here is the video of how I created these BIGBANG Christmas nail art! I hope you enjoy 😀



Thank you for your visit and I hope you all have a wonderful holidays!! <3 xxox