Dalmatian Nail Art

Today, I did Dalmatian Nail Art for the “Animal Print” theme!

I used to have a dalmatian back in Japan. Unfortunately she passed about a year ago, and making this design reminded me of her great energy, always having fun and brought big smiles in my family.

I normally remove my manicure soon after taking photos during this 31 day challenge, but I kept this design throughout the day and it made me smile so many times 😀 That’s why we need manicure! The designs and colours make us happy each time we look at our hands!!! Woohoo!!!

Okay! Here is the mini tutorial for the design that made me super happy for the day!!

Dalmatian Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply natural white nail polish (OPI T52) on all nails.
  2. Create a light gradation with a piece of makeup sponge and white nail polish (OPI L00).
  3. Draw some dots close to the free edge with black acrylic paint.
  4. On the middle finger, apply white nail polish with a sponge up to the half moon area.
  5. Draw a dalmatian face with black acrylic paint.
  6. Add some sparkles in the eyes with white acrylic paint and use pink acrylic paint for the cheeks.

Thank you very much for visiting!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 😀