FUN Lacquer New Year 2017 Collection

Today is the very last day of 2016!! But there is no time for looking back, because a brand new collection is about to come out from FUN Lacquer! It’s called the New Year 2017 Collection, AND I’ve been asked to do a swatch/ review!! I was already super lucky to do a swatch for their Christmas 2016 Collection, so this is like Christmas and my birthday combined!!

Sorry for the long talk. You’re probably here for the swatch, aren’t you? The only thing I can say about this collection is…it’s FANTABULOUS!!! Let’s have a look!!

FUN Lacquer New Year 2017

The collection includes six polishes and they are Tiara, Just Dance, Unicorn Island, Evening Gown, Happy Place and Magic Stone.


– Happy Place –

FUN Lacquer Happy Place 1

Happy Place is a deep jade coloured holographic polish. It is packed with rainbow holo glitter. And it requires only two coats to get full opacity, even though the polish has a jelly-like formula.


FUN Lacquer Happy Place 2

FUN Lacquer Happy Place 5

FUN Lacquer Happy Place 3

FUN Lacquer Happy Place 4


– Just Dance –

FUN Lacquer Just Dance 1

Just Dance is a dark magenta colour, and this gorgeous polish changes its colour from dark magenta to plum to ruby, depending on the type of light. It is highly pigmented and it requires two thin coats to get full opacity.


FUN Lacquer Just Dance 2

FUN Lacquer Just Dance 3

FUN Lacquer Just Dance 4

FUN Lacquer Just Dance 5


– Evening Gown – 

FUN Lacquer Evening Gown 1

Evening Gown is a rich purple coloured polish packed with micro rainbow holo glitter, which creates an amazing prism effect. This highly pigmented polish requires one generous coat or two thin coats to get full opacity.


FUN Lacquer Evening Gown 2

FUN Lacquer Evening Gown 3

FUN Lacquer Evening Gown 4

FUN Lacquer Evening Gown 5


– Unicorn Island –

FUN Lacquer Unicorn Island 1

Unicorn Island is a violet jelly polish LOADED with medium sized rainbow holo glitter – a Unicorn effect right here!! It is a jelly polish, but it requires only two generous coats, no sponging is needed.


FUN Lacquer Unicorn Island 2

FUN Lacquer Unicorn Island 3

FUN Lacquer Unicorn Island 4

FUN Lacquer Unicorn Island 5


– Tiara –

FUN Lacquer Tiara 1

Tiara is like a calm bubblegum pink, and this super cute princess has micro rainbow holo that creates a slight prism effect.

FUN Lacquer Tiara 2

FUN Lacquer Tiara 3

FUN Lacquer Tiara 4

FUN Lacquer Tiara 5

– Magic Stone –

FUN Magic Stone 1

Magic Stone is my absolute favourite! This pastel aqua blue polish is loaded with micro rainbow holo glitter and silver flakes, which creates a distinct prism effect.

FUN Magic Stone Swatch

FUN Magic Stone 3

FUN Magic Stone 4

FUN Magic Stone 4


Overall, they are like dream polishes! Compared to all the other brands I’ve bought in the past, these are by far the easiest to apply and the fastest to dry. I absolutely LOVE all the shades, including the green shade, even though I’m typically not a big fan of the colour green.

This collection is PERFECT for this time of year, because there are some rich deep colours that are perfect for winter, as well as a couple of sparkly pastel shades which are great for the beginning of spring!

I’ll include the links below if you’re keen to find out more about these AMAZEBALLS polishes!!

If you have any questions about this collection, please let me know in the comments below.


I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!! Thank you very much for all of your support throughout the year!!!

See you in 2017!! Lots of Love xxox