Finally, I’m going to complete the 3D sleigh I’ve been working on for the last two days! If you are interested in Part 1 and Part 2 of this tutorial, please click through. And of course, make sure to follow the Safety Precautions for Acrylic Nails before you begin.

– Acrylic 3D Sleigh Part 3 Tutorial –

Acrylic 3D Sleigh Tutorial 3

  1. Let’s start with the legs. Make a stick with white acrylic mixture on a piece of cooking foil.
  2. Add the curled end and a small bump. Create a small hole in the middle of the bump, using the tip of the brush.
  3. Flatten the top of the bump by pushing with a side of the brush.
  4. Make another bump as in step 2 and 3.
  5. Paint the legs with orange yellow acrylic paint. I added gold nail polish on top to give them a little sparkle.
  6. Paint outside of the sleigh with red nail polish.
  7. I used red acrylic paint and a small paint brush to colour the edges and inside of the sleigh.
  8. You can apply top coat for more shine. Allow it to dry well.
  9. Attach the legs using a small amount of acrylic mixture or top coat.

That’s it!! Did you enjoy this three parted tutorial? Now that I spent so much time making this, I’m not so sure if I want to use it for my nail decoration. Maybe I just keep it, hahaha!

Well! Thank you very much for being patient and staying with me!!