Gifts From Cassis

About a month ago, I received a surprise nail mail from my nail art BFF, Cassis! In case you don’t know about Cassis, she creates amazing nail art designs with her wizard-likeย stamping skills and creativity. I’m wondering what I did to deserve such special gifts from a super talented person like her???


Gift Pack From Cassis

The photo above is what I received! Woohoo!! So many fun looking items and a hand written letter, awww!!! As soon as I opened the package, I fellย in LOVE with all of them ๐Ÿ˜€ The most amazing thing is that I’ve never owned Simply Pure products and Cirque Colour nail polishes before!

This is going to be a fun experience trying something super new!

The first thing that jumpedย out of the package was a packet of cute lips. Without knowing what they were, I yelled “Whoa! What super cute lip charms!!!”, but I was wrong.

Bliss Kiss Tool Rests

After reading Cassis’s letter, I found out these lips weren’t nail charms lol. They’re brush rests! I was amazed by this cool invention. This way, I don’t have to worry about my brushes rolling into the fresh paint anymore ๐Ÿ˜€


Cirque Colours Nail Polish

These are my very first Cirque Color nail polishes, which were hand selected by Cassis!! A super lovely pink and white!!! – she knows me so well *evil smile*


Cirque Colors Hatch Nail Polish

This polish is called Hatch, and it has grey specks in a white base. I applied two generous coats to get this opacity. Just like its cute name, it looks like a quail egg or marble stone!


Cirque Colors Hatch Matte

This is a matte version. I already know that I’ll be using this a lot for next Easter lol. I used G’day Matte top coat from piCture pOlish.


Cirque Colors Astra Nail Polish

This one is called Astra. The specks in this polish have a subtle holo effect, and they sparkle depending on the direction of the light. Doesn’t it look like a Jelly Belly?? Yum!


Cirque Colors Astra Matte

The matte version also looks super cute! I’m so in LOOOVE with these polishes!! I’ve always wanted to try Cirque Color polishes and I feel so lucky that it came true in such a wonderful way like this!!

Don’t miss Cassis’s AMAZING work!!!


Thank you SOOO much Cassis for your super kind gesture! xxx