Yuri On Ice Nail Art

Today’s nail art was inspired by a Japanese anime that I’m watching right now – Yuri On Ice! What I like about this anime is that there are a lot of beautiful ice skating scenes (sometimes too much even lol).


Victor Nikiforov Nails

The characters I decided to draw are called Victor Nikiforov and Makkachin (his pet poodle). I’ve been drawing quite “dark” anime characters on my nails lately, so I wanted this to be kind of a cute and happy design.


Frost Nail Art

I’ve created an icy coloured gradient, and hand painted some frost designs. My frosts always turn out like feathers for some reason, hahaha.

Here is the video on how I made these Yuri On Ice inspired nail art! I hope you like it 🙂


Ice Nail Art

As I mentioned in the video, it was a hot Summery day when I made this design. It’s always nice to have an icy design on my fingertips while the rest of the body is soaked in sweat (ew!!) xD


Yuri On Ice Nails

Thank you for your visit!! xxox