Vampire Nail Art

This Vampire Nail Art Design was initially inspired by one of my absolute favourite nail artists, Melissa on Instagram (@nailsbymelissasmi)! She does so many fun and happy nail art designs which make me go “awww!” 😀

If you have an IG account, I highly recommend you to follow her! She has such a great positive vibe ;D

Okay, here is the mini tutorial of this design!


Vampire Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply black nail polish on the thumb and ring fingers. Draw the vampire’s forehead with white acrylic paint, using an angular brush.
  2. Draw the face line and fill the whole face.
  3. Apply a few layers of paint to cover the brush streaks. Make sure to allow each layer to dry before applying another one on top.
  4. Draw the facial parts with black acrylic paint.
  5. Fill the eyes and draw the bow-tie with red acrylic paint. Add red glitter polish on top.
  6. Add the sparkles in the eyes with white acrylic paint.
  7. Apply white nail polish onto the rest of the fingers. Draw dots with red acrylic paint using a dotting tool.
  8. Draw drips on the free edge.
  9. Add red glitter polish onto the red paint. Apply top coat to complete.


Vampire Nails

The red glitter polish I used in this design is “columbia” from Picture Polish. The way it sparkles is fantastically gorgeous!! I can’t wait to use this for my Christmas designs too 😀

Thank you for visiting!! <3xxxx