Marimekko Nail ArtI always love to wear Marimekko nail art and I’m so happy that one of the 31 day challenge themes was “Flower Nails”!

Oh, by the way, Marimekko is a fashion brand from Finland. Their cheerful designs have a hint of retro feel without being too eye hurting like vintage wallpapers lol.

I should have drawn some Marimekko flowers on the other fingers rather than just these boring lines. Oh well! I’ll get revenge another time 😀

Marimekko Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Remove the excess polish by stroking the brush lots in the bottle. This will make it easier to do step 2.
  2. Draw an angled french line in the direction of the blue arrow.
  3. Apply pink polish in the same way.
  4. Add an orange line along the white line with orange nail polish or acrylic paint.
  5. Apply white nail polish on the thumb and ring finger. (How to apply Nail Polish)
  6. Draw some flowers with a dotting tool.
  7. Switch the colour and add some more flowers.
  8. Draw a yellow centre with yellow acrylic paint.
  9. Add the cores and the stems with brown acrylic paint. Apply top coat to complete.

Marimekko Nails

This one is with a regular top coat before applying a matte top coat.

I hope you like it! Thank you for visiting!! <3xxx