Festive Red French Nails

Even though Christmas is like a month away, but I’m already feeling so festive! So I decided to use some shimmery and glittery colours, and made these festive red French nails!


OPI Red Polish 2008

The red polish I used as the base is “AN AFFAIR IN RED SQUARE” from OPI. It is a deep apple red colour, and has a very subtle but gorgeous shimmer. It covers the nail perfectly with two coats.


– Festive Red French Nails Tutorial –

Festive French Nail Tutorial

  1. Apply red nail polish¬†and dry well. Draw angled french lines with “ALPINE SNOW” from OPI, connect both lines at the tip.
  2. Add gold lines along the french lines.

It’s very easy, but a little bit boring? Now that I have nice empty spaces below the french lines, I might add some designs on them.

Thank you!!