Festive Red French Nails

Even though Christmas is like a month away, but I’m already feeling so festive! So I decided to use some shimmery and glittery colours, and made these festive red French nails!


OPI Red Polish 2008

The red polish I used as the base is “AN AFFAIR IN RED SQUARE” from OPI. It is a deep apple red colour, and has a very subtle but gorgeous shimmer. It covers the nail perfectly with two coats.


– Festive Red French Nails Tutorial –

Festive French Nail Tutorial

  1. Apply red nail polish and dry well. Draw angled french lines with “ALPINE SNOW” from OPI, connect both lines at the tip.
  2. Add gold lines along the french lines.

It’s very easy, but a little bit boring? Now that I have nice empty spaces below the french lines, I might add some designs on them.

Thank you!!