Halloween Ghost Party NailsIn my ideal world, ghosts are not scary but cheerful and funny! They love singing, partying and eating lots of candies!! And that’s the theme of my nails today – Halloween Ghost Party!!

I wasn’t sure about the bright blue background, but I really wanted to try out the magic of this nail polish!

The polish is “instinct” from Picture Polish. Do you want to know the magic? Yes! It glows under a black light! …well I don’t have a black light so I had to use my UV light instead.

Halloween Glow in Dark Nails

The photo has been intensified a lot to get a “glowing” look, which seems similar to other people’s photos I’ve seen of this polish under a real black light. Now I have to get one myself!!


Okay, this is the mini tutorial of these Halloween ghost party nails!

Halloween Ghost Party Nails Tutorial

  1. Apply the base colour on all nails. (How to Apply Nail Polish Properly)
  2. Draw the swirls with purple nail polish, using a skinny dotting tool.
  3. Fill the free edge with the same purple nail polish. (What is Free Edge)
  4. Draw designs with white acrylic paint. (How to Hand Paint)
  5. Add pumpkins with orange acrylic paint.
  6. Add more colours to complete the design. Apply top coat to finish.


Blue Halloween Nail Art

I bought this nail polish especially for Halloween, but it would look great for any other party occasions or clubbing!

Thank you for visiting!! <3xxxx