Valentines Day Nail Art Contest 2015

Happy New Year!! To celebrate the start of our fantastic nail art designing year, I’ve prepared a very sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Contest for you!!

First, let’s go though the rules.

The rules are very simple…

  • Design a Valentine’s Day nail art – something sweet or lovely 🙂
  • Design on your own nails – not on plastic nail tips
  • Take a photo of your nails only – you don’t have to show your beautiful face here
  • One design per person
  • Please do not use other artist’s photos – that’s stealing!

If any of the above is not followed, I’m really sorry but your photo has to go bye-byes.

Just to avoid complications over the ownership of your work, I recommend to…

  • Add a watermark or logo of your name/ blog/ website etc. to your photo
  • Keep your original photo as proof

The winner will be decided by a selected group of nail artists (different people from the previous contest).


Now this is the fun part! The winner will get to choose a prize from two options…

Option 1: Premium Artist Set which includes…

Valentines Prize A 1

Nail Art Stickers and Shell Film

This is a thin film of real shell that can be cut and applied onto the nails.

Valentines Prize A 2

A sheet of spring themed nail art stickers, which will be perfect for Easter or St Patrick’s Day nail art!

Valentines Prize A 3

A sheet of Minnie Mouse nail art stickers! This is so cute and I couldn’t resist using them straight away! Don’t worry, I didn’t use yours. You’ll get the new one ;D

Valentines Prize A 4

Valentines Prize A 4 B


And the premium quality paint set with ten colours of acrylic paint!

Valentines Prize A5

Premium Paint Set

These two different sized brushes will help you to draw the tiniest of details!

Valentines Prize A 6


Option 2: AUD$70 piCture pOlish Gift Voucher*

Valentines Prize B

*The gift voucher is redeemable only at the piCture pOlish Australian HQ online store. They ship internationally, but PLEASE check their shipping destinations to make sure they ship to your country!


Are you excited and ready to enter?! Please enter HERE!!

Any questions and suggestions are always welcome! Please tell me your thoughts using the comment form below.

If you are interested in the Winner of the previous contest, click here!

I hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing your fab designs!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!! <3