Thin Striped NailsSometimes I get confused what kind of design I was trying to make in the middle of the process. And this one is a great example. I think I was aiming something bold and stylish, but they look more like different colour version of Nemo, lol.


This weird design wasn’t going to be shown, but I think this is a good opportunity to show my nail art brushes that I used for it.

Small Paint BrushesSo these two are my absolute favourite. They’re so small and especially the smaller one is perfect for drawing the fine details such as the black lines in the stripe nails above.



Small Nail Art BrushesI use the bigger one to mixΒ the acrylic paint with water and to fill the large part of the design. It came from a local art store and it’s called an eyeliner.

Sorry for the shorter post today. Thank you for your visit!!