First of all, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the participants for your wonderful effort!! Your works are all so beautiful that it made the judges have a very tough time during the voting πŸ˜€

Finally, we have our very first nail art contest winner at Nailbees!! And the WINNER is…

Contest 1411 Winner 1

Congratulations Gordana!!! You have created a master piece and you deserve a prize of your choice for your efforts!

Contest 1411 Winner 2

Now! Let’s have a look at everyone’s great creations and we all go “awwww!!!”, Β shall we?

(The contest gallery is also available here)

Entry No.1 - Gordana

Entry No.1 – Gordana

Entry No.2 - Rachel

Entry No.2 – Rachel

Entry No.3 - Alina

Entry No.3 – Alina

Entry No.4 - Devin

Entry No.4 – Devin

Entry No.5 - Wong

Entry No.5 – Wong

Entry No.6 - Maria

Entry No.6 – Maria

Entry No.7 - Erica

Entry No.7 – Erica

Entry No.8 - Monica

Entry No.8 – Monica

Entry No.9 - Carollina

Entry No.9 – Carollina

Entry No.10 - Katharina

Entry No.10 – Katharina

Entry No.11 - Melisa

Entry No.11 – Melisa

Entry No.12 - Clara

Entry No.12 – Clara

Entry No.13 - Zoe

Entry No.13 – Zoe

Entry No.14 - Gabriella

Entry No.14 – Gabriella

Awwww!!! Aren’t they all crazily impressive?!! Well done everyone!!

Thank you again for your greatest efforts. I can’t wait to see your FABULOUS works at the next contest!! Yes, there will be another one very soon *evil laugh*. So please make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be notified!!

Have a wonderful holiday!! <3 xxxxx