Valentines Day Giveaway 2015The first giveaway of the year is here!! This giveaway is packed with Valentine’s Day themed goodies 🙂 I know it’s a little bit too early to think about Valentine, but I’m hoping this will get to you before V’day.

The package includes…

A sheet of Valentine’s Day themed nail art stickers

Valentine Nail Art Stickers

A sheet of super cute Minnie Mouse nail art stickers

Valentine Disney Giveaway

A pouch of gold flower spangles

Nail Giveaway 2015

A strip of metallic pink nail film/foil. The foil in this photo is mine. You’ll receive an unopened one ;D

Valentines Nail Mail 2015


What do you think?? I hope you like this package and enter here right now!!

Thank you for visiting!! <3 xxx