Rise of the Guardians Baby ToothThis is a Baby Tooth nail art design inspired by the movie Rise of the Guardians!

I watched this movie only a couple of nights ago and totally fell in love with it!! Especially this little character called baby tooth. There are lots of these little guys and they help out the tooth fairy collecting teeth under kid’s pillows.

I love doing movie inspired nail art! Great theme idea for the 31 Day Challenge 😀

Okay, below is the mini tutorial of this design!

Baby Tooth Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply white nail polish on all nails. Apply light lavender nail polish with a small piece of makeup sponge on the thumb.
  2. Create a gradation with yellow, lime, aqua, blue and dark blue nail polish.
  3. Draw the baby tooth’s nose and neckline with brown acrylic paint.
  4. Create a pink and lavender gradation on the eyes using acrylic paint. Draw the lips with the same pink colour.
  5. Add the details with brown acrylic paint.
  6. Fill in the eyes with purple and blue acrylic paint.
  7. Draw the outline of a tooth and fairy wings with brown acrylic paint.
  8. Fill the tooth with white acrylic paint.
  9. Add some light colours onto the wings. Apply top coat to complete.


Rise of the Guardians Tooth Fairy

It’s hard to tell, but the wings line up (kind of) when the nails are held side by side. I really liked drawing a tooth xD

Thank you very much for visiting!! <3xx