Peace Flag Nail Art

This is my peace flag nail art for the 31 day challenge!! It might be a little bit cheesy, but why not! I really liked the dove with an olive branch on the peace flag 🙂

Although I was initially going to use bright rainbow colours on my ring finger, I decided to make it more gentle looking by using soft colours.

Below is how I made this design! I hope you like it 😀

Peace Flag Nail Art Tutorial

  1. To create a wavy french look, start from one side of the nail. Draw a thin vertical line with a small amount of nail polish.
  2. Draw a wavy smile line that connects to the vertical line at the top.
  3. Lightly fill the open area. Apply another coat on the entire blue area to cover the streaks.
  4. Apply white nail polish as the base and then apply blue nail polish on the middle finger. (How to Apply Nail Polish Properly)
  5. Draw some olive branches with pale aqua acrylic paint. (How to Hand Paint)
  6. Draw a dove and some more branches with white acrylic paint.
  7. On the ring finger, apply white nail polish as the base. Draw the rainbow lines with an angular brush and acrylic paint.
  8. Draw a line in the middle and then draw a circle with white acrylic paint.
  9. Complete the peace symbol. Apply top coat to complete.

Flag Nail Art

It turned out more like the twitter bird xD

Thank you very much for visiting!! <3xxxx