Ballet Nail Art

Today’s theme was “Nail Art Inspired by an Art Work”, and this is my ballet nail art inspired by a French artist Edgar Degas.

I drew a ballerina from one of his paintings on my thumb, and the ballet costumes from a variety of famous ballet stories.

Here is a quick mini tutorial of the day!

Ballet Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply two or three coats of a sheer pink nail polish on all nails.
  2. Start drawing a tutu with acrylic paint. Draw a round shape covering the whole free edge. (What is Free Edge)
  3. Draw feather-like lines from the centre towards the outside with lighter colour acrylic paint and a dry brush.
  4. Draw the details with a darker colour.
  5. Add lighter colours to the details to complete.
  6. On the thumb, fill the half moon area with light brown acrylic paint.
  7. Paint the background with a green colour and draw a rough design of a ballerina.
  8. Add the details to the ballerina to complete.


Ballet Nails

I’ve been in love with Edgar’s paintings since I visited his gallery event when I was in high school 🙂

This is a little freaky, but he passed away on 27th of September 1917 which happens to be today!!! Well, it was almost 100 years ago, but I didn’t know about this until now and honestly I’m a little freaked out!!

Anyways!! Thank you so very much for visiting!! <3xxxx