Beyond The Nail Supernova

This is my first nail polish from Beyond The Nail – Supernova! And I’m in love with this pink beauty, as you may have guessed already.Β Today I’m going to do a swatch of this magical polish instead of a nail art!


Beyond The Nail Supernova Swatch

Supernova is a neon pink polish and it contains tons of rainbow micro holo specs. Although the formula is very light, just one coat gives plenty of colour and sparkles. The drying time is also awesome! I applied three decent coats one straight after the other, but I was able to stroke the surface with my finger in less than 5 minutes after applying the third coat.

It IS Summer here and the air is pretty dry, so it might be helping the polish to dry a little bit faster??


Beyond The Nail Polish Supernova

The real miracle happens when you take this magic outside in the Sun. Woohoo!! It sparkles like a Swarovski chandelier!! Yep, I agree to the name “Supernova”, it’s so magical!


Pink Hello Kitty NailsWhen it’s indoor, the sparkle softens and it shows off its sweet side. This is so cute and I already know this will be used heavily in my upcoming Valentine’s Day nails!!

Talking about Valentine’s Day, have you entered the V’Day giveaway?? and the V’Day nail art contest is also open πŸ™‚ Please enter if you have designed any Valentine’s Day nail art!


Thank you for visiting!! <3