The Supernatural Nail Art

I chose a character, Mavis, from the movie Hotel Transylvania for “The Supernatural Nail Art” theme!

If you were able to possess one supernatural power or ability, what would it be?? I don’t think I would like to be a vampire because I’m afraid of darkness and I LOVE sunshine!!! …maybe a werewolf?? So that I can sniff and find all of my lost things like keys, sunglasses and socks etc. lol

This is the mini tutorial of the day!!

Hotel Transylvania Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply red nail polish on all nails. (How to Apply Nail Polish Properly)
  2. Draw a silhouette of Mavis with black acrylic paint. (How to Hand Paint)
  3. Fill the face and neck with a skin colour acrylic paint (White + Orange + Red).
  4. Draw the facial parts with black acrylic paint. Yes, this looks scary!!
  5. Fill the eyes and mouth with white acrylic paint.
  6. Add aqua colour in her eyes.
  7. On the ring and index fingers, apply black nail polish on one half of the nail using a strip of scotch tape.
  8. Draw bats using black acrylic paint on the red side, and with pink on the black side.
  9. Fill the pink bats with red acrylic paint. Apply top coat to complete.



Hotel Transylvania Nail Art

Have you watched this movie?? If you like animation films I bet you’ll enjoy!!

Thank you for visiting!! <3xxx