Acrylic 3D Nail Tips


Today, I made some treats with acrylics! Even though it’s not the season for “Trick or Treat”, haha. I have the biggest sweet tooth and it was such fun addingΒ all of my favourites onto the nails!!

– Acrylic 3DΒ Treats Tutorial –

Acrylic 3D Treats

  1. < Cupcake > Place a large pink acrylic mixture onto the nail and flatten. Add a thin layer of white mixture to cover the top half of pink mixture. Push a few spots on the edge to create a wavy look.
  2. < A Slice of Cake > Start with a flat triangle shape, and gradually increase the height. Add strawberry on top, using pink mixture.
  3. < Ice Cream Cone > Make flat triangle shape which is similar to the slice of cake. Create the criss cross by sticking an edge of a thick paper.
  4. < Chocolate > Create a heart shape with dark brown mixture.
  5. < Donuts Decoration > Pick up a tiny dot of dark brown mixture.
  6. Place it onto the donut. Shape it to create a skinny chocolate sprinkle.

I’m so sorry that I don’t have many photos to describe in more details!!


Acrylic 3D Nail Art Candies

Add some designs on each treat with acrylic paint and done!!

Thank you for visiting~!!(^3^)/smooch!!