Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

There are so many Nightmare Before Christmas nails out there and I just couldn’t help doing one too!! Because this Halloween period is coming to an end and we’re heading towards Christmas, I decided to do Mr. Jack Skellington with a Santa costume!

I have a little trick with this design! Since I broke my thumbnail on my left hand, I couldn’t draw the whole Santa Jack in the small space. So I drew just his Santa beard and made it “connectable” to my right thumbnail. Taddaa 🙂

Jack Skellington Nails


Okay, let’s move onto the mini tutorial of this design! Sorry, it’s a bit of a long one.

Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Art

  1. Apply nail polish. Use a creme purple nail polish as the 1st coat, and then apply purple glitter polish on top. (OPI – NL B87, Picture Polish – Pandora)
  2. Apply navy nail polish with a small piece of makeup sponge to create a gradation. (OPI – NL B60)
  3. Draw the swirls with silver nail polish, using a dotting tool. (OPI – NL T16)
  4. Fill the free edge with the same silver nail polish.
  5. Draw some designs with white acrylic paint. (How to Hand Paint)
  6. Add some colours and details to the designs.
  7. On the middle finger, use red nail polish as the 1st coat, and then apply red glitter polish on top. (OPI – NL F19, Picture Polish – Columbia)
  8. Draw Santa Jack’s face and his hat with white acrylic paint. To create a fluffy look for his hat, lightly dab with a pat-dried brush.
  9. Apply white nail polish onto the face only. (OPI – NL L00)
  10. Draw the face with black acrylic paint. Apply top coat to complete.


Jack Skellington Nail Art

I’m just loving this pandora nail polish from Picture Polish. This is one of my most recent purchases and it’s already half empty!! …or half full, optimistically XD

Thank you so much for visiting!! <3xxxxx