Orange Flower French Nails

The Day 2 theme of the 31 day challenge is Orange Nails!

Even though I like the colour orange very much, I’m not a big fan of polishing all of my nails orange. So I decided to do orange french nails and decorated the smile lines with some flowers.

Here is the mini tutorial for Orange Flower French Nails! It’s a short one because this is super easy to do!

Flower French Nails Tutorial

  1. Create a french look on the index fingers, middle fingers and pinkies with orange nail polish (OPI – NL88). (How to French Nails)
  2. Draw some flowers along the smile lines with pale yellow acrylic paint (white + yellow). (How to Hand Paint)
  3. Draw white flowers and add the gold glitter dots on the centre of the flowers with the dotting tool.
  4. Create a french look on the thumbs and the ring fingers with white nail polish (OPI – NL L00).
  5. Draw some flowers with yellow acrylic paint along the smile lines.
  6. Add the orange flowers and the gold glitter dots. Apply top coat to complete.


Orange Flower Nail Art

I’m not sure if you already know this, but when applying matte top coat on acrylic painted designs, I recommend to apply a normal top coat first. If the matte top coat is applied directly onto the acrylic paint it’ll smudge the design!

I haven’t checked this technique between different brands, but it seems to work well with OPI.

Anyway! Tomorrow’s theme is Yellow Nails, and I hope I can come up with a good yellow nail art idea!


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