French Manicure Title
The combination of the light pink base and the white smile line makes your nails look natural, elegant and feminine. It’s so simple, yet can be hard to master, so hopefully this tutorial helps you in learning how to perform a French Manicure at home.

What you need

French Manicure Equipment

  1. Sharp Cotton Stick
  2. Nail Polish Remover
  3. Pre-Primer
  4. Base Coat
  5. Pink Nail Polish
  6. White Nail Polish
  7. Top Coat


French Manicure Tutorial

  1. Prep your nails with pre-primer, and then apply base coat on all free edges and nail plates.

French Manicure Step 1

  1. Apply pink polish just on the nail plates. Apply the second coat if the colour is too weak.

French Manicure Step 2

  1. Rotate the brush of a white polish in the bottle neck to remove the excess polish as well as make the brush skinny. And then apply on the free edge with the tip of the brush.

French Manicure Step 3

  1. Pick a small amount of polish by scraping against the bottle neck. This will make the brush flat at the same time.

French Manicure Step 4

  1. Pull the skin down and draw a half of the smile line.

French Manicure Step 5

  1. Pull the other side of the skin down and draw the other half connecting to the first half at the center.

French Manicure Step 6

  1. Apply second coat in the same way.
  2. Clean nail polish smudge with a sharp cotton stick and nail polish remover.

French Manicure Step 8

  1. Apply top coat lightly on the free edges and the nail plates. Avoid digging into the white polish.

French Manicure Step 9