Lemon Nail Art

This is my latest nail art design – Lemons! Recently my spare time has been fully occupied with setting everything up for this website and I felt a little bit worn out. So I decided to wear a design with some bright colours to pep myself up!


Below is the equipment I used for this lemon nail art design and the mini tutorial follows.

Lemon Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply white polish and dry well. Apply a few strips of scotch tape and apply yellow nail polish on top. Remove tapes and add yellow glitter polish on the lines.
  2. Mix yellow and viridian acrylic paints to make the lime colour. Draw the leaves. Mix yellow and gold acrylic paint and draw lemons. Outline the lemons with viridian.
  3. Write “Lemon” on the middle fingernail with viridian. (How to hand paint?)


Lemon Nails

Thank you for visiting!!