Watermelon Nail Art

During summer, watermelons are definitely one of my must eat foods!!

Although I love watermelons and know what they look like, drawing them can be quite tricky. Because adding those tiny seeds make them look like strawberries, and that is exactly what happened to my THUMB!! You know why? Yes, I drew too many seeds xD So I reduced the number of seeds on the rest of my nails and they turned out okay.


Here is what I used for this watermelon nail art design, and the mini tutorial follows after ;D


Watermelon Nails Equipment

Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Pick viridian and emerald green paints with both corners of an angular brush or a square brush.
  2. Draw an upside down smile line along the cuticle line. (What is Cuticle??) Repeat a few times to cover the red polish underneath.
  3. Pick emerald green and white paints. Draw a neat smile line. (How to Hand Paint)
  4. Draw seeds with black paint.
  5. On the ring finger, draw a few lines with viridian paint. Gradually make it wider at the middle of the nail.
  6. Add a flower with white and yellow paint. Apply top coat to complete!


Watermelon Nails

I hope you enjoy lots of watermelons this summer!! Thank you for visiting!!