BTS Nail Art

I’m so grateful for my YouTube viewers. They always inspire me with amazing ideas and requests! Today’s nail art was also one of them.


BTS Nails

There isΒ a super popular K-Pop group called BTS, and this design was inspired by one of their music videos – Blood Sweat and Tears. I really liked the video, especially the scenes with a dark pink and black background.


K-Pop Nail Art

Also, there was a fallen angel with black wings which looked so beautiful and inspiring. I decided to go for the dark pink colour scheme with scattered black feathers.


K-Pop Nails

On my thumb, I painted the fallen angel from the video. He turned out more like a Japanese animation character rather than an actual human portrait lol.

Here is the video of my BTS inspired nail art. I hope you enjoy!


BTS Nail Art Design

For this design, I used…

  • Base Coat (OPI)
  • Wanderlust, Allure, Scandal, Holo Sphere, Festival, Gloss on Top! (Picture Polish)
  • Acrylic Paint – White, Black, Red, Yellow, Brown, Gold, Ultramarine Blue, Aqua
  • Nail Art Brushes – XS and OS

Thank you for your visit! xx