Gudetama Nail Art

I have another Japanese character inspired nail art today! It’s Gudetama!! Gudetama is a lazy egg character which was created by Sanrio, the same company that madeΒ Hello Kitty. I decided to combine this cute character and Halloween (already?!), and came up with four different nail art ideas.


Gudetama Nail Art Design

These are the four designs!


Gudetama nails

Recently, I was lucky enough to get my hands on some glow in the dark pigments. IΒ made 6 different colour glow in the dark polishes by mixing the pigments into a franken polish lacquer base. What’s Franken Polish?? Click here πŸ™‚


glow in the dark nails

The photo above is taken in a semi dark room. You can see the polishes started glowing already!


Gudetama glow in the dark nails

This shot was taken in a fully dark room. It was quite hard to capture the glow with my camera. I took this photo using the movie mode, that’s why it looks a little bit grainy.

Here is the tutorial video on how I made these Gudetama nail art! I hope you enjoy!!


Gudetama Halloween Nails


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