Sailor Moon Nail Art

I have a little nerdy nail art today. Do you know Sailor Moon? Sailor Moon is a very popular Japanese animation, and I used to LOVE watching it when I was small. I was surprised that this is my first ever Sailor Moon nail art!


Sailor Moon Nails

The story of Sailor Moon involves stars, crystals, magical powers, galaxies and everything that girls would love. It’s actually quite educational, even though it’s a kid’s show. I learnt so many planet names from this show!


Sailor Moon Nail Design

The colours I chose for the Sailor Moon galaxy are pink, purple and blue. I could’ve gone all pink, but I decided to keep that option for anotherย character that I’m keen on creating in the future ๐Ÿ˜€

In today’s video, I’m wearing the “HOLO! It’s Me” T-shirt I got from the world famous HOLO queen, Cristine aka Simply Nailogical. Anyways! I hope you enjoy the video!!



Galaxy Moon Nail Art

As I mentioned in the video, it took me 30 mins creating this skinny moon. But I’m proud that I didn’t give up in the middle *good job me* :p


Sailor Moon Nail Art Design

A close up of my Sailor Moon. I really LOVE the sparkly flake polish “Festival” from piCture pOlish! I think I’m using it on pretty much all of my designs, hehehe.


Thank you for your visit!! xx