Velvet Halloween Kitty Nail ArtI’ve been wanting to do a velvet nail art ever since I saw it somewhere which I shamelessly forgot! Unfortunately it wasn’t so easy to get my hands on these fuzzy materials, but after searching for a while I finallyย found some in a hand craft shop in Japan! Yaay!!


Hello Kitty Halloween Nail ArtOkay, before talking about my first fuzzy experience, can I quickly show you today’s non-fuzz nail art? Yes, this is another Hello Kitty inspired Halloween nail art!


Beyond The Nail Space CadetThe purple holographic nail polish I used as the base is Space Cadet from Beyond The Nail. This one is super magical and I can talk about it all day, but I should save thatย for next time. I can tell you just one thing – It’s AMAZEBALLZ!!


Beyond The Nail Neon OrangeAnd the bright orange nail polish I used for the Kitty’s pumpkin hat is Neon Orange, which is also from Beyond The Nail. You’ll see this everywhere on my upcoming Halloween nail art designs!!


Halloween Hello Kitty NailsOkay, here comes a little bit of fuzz. This was my first attempt of velvet nails, so I wasn’t sure how much powder I should apply to make it look nice and fluffy. This one clearly needed some more powder, lol. Let’s take a look at the quick tutorial to see how it’s done!

<Velvet Halloween Kitty Nail Art Tutorial>

Velvet Halloween Kitty Nail Art Tutorial


Velvet Nail ArtAfter making the tutorial, I found a trick for an easier application for velvet powders. The trick is to actually dip the nail into the powder container, and then remove the excess with a large dry paint brush. This way I was able to get more powder stuck onto my nails. I’ll show you this technique later!


Bundle Monster Gold Metal StudsThese cute shaped gold metal studs were sent from Bundle Monster for a review. This wheel has sooo many different shapes and sizes which all look so useful! They already made my Kitty nails super Halloween-y ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you Bundle Monster!!


Velvet NailsI’ve always been wondering what happens if the velvet nails get wet. So I did a little experiment by simply washing my hands as I normally do. And guess what happened?!

Even though I used so much soap and rubbed my nails a lot to get rid of the powder stuck between the cuticles, the fuzz stayed on! In the top photo, they look damp and seem like they’re ruined. But 5 minutes later, they’re mostly dried and the fluffiness came back too!

My first velvet experimentation was a success! AND! If you’re interested in trying it yourself, these fuzz powders are included in the current contest prize (which ends on 3rd October)!!! Yaaay!!

So sorry for the long post! Thank you so much for your time!!!