How To Make DIY Nail Polish

Have you ever wished you had a certain shade of nail polish, which isn’t available on the market? If so, then this post might be helpful! Today, I’m going to show you how to DIY your own nail polish properly.

Before I started making my own nail polishes, I was always interested but I had no idea where to get the products and how to do it. So, whenever I wanted a certain colour, I just mixed my old polishes together to create the colour I wanted.

DIY Nail Polish Starter

And then, I read an article about how to make a stamping polish by my sweet friend Cassis on her blog! In her article, she mentioned a place called Nail Super Store where she got her DIY nail polish products from! I can remember that as soon as I finished reading her blog and leaving a comment, I immediately placed an order for a Franken Polish Starter Kit!!

So! The photo above is the box that I received from Nail Super Store. It is absolutely PACKED with foam (the white squishy guys)! Which made me wonder how big are the products?


Home Made Nail Polish

This was inside! Not so much lol. You can see that the foam is still occupying more than half of the box!! Obviously, everything inside was super safe!


Empty Nail Polish Bottles

In this kit, there are 48 empty nail polish bottles with 2 mixing balls inside. Yaay! I don’t have to use the old base coat or top coat bottles anymore!!


Glitter Powder for DIY Polish

These are sparkly glitter powders and colour powders that I haven’t tried yet!


DIY Nail Polish Kit

I haven’t tried the powders yet because I’m already having plenty of fun with these nail polish colours called “tinters”!! These are the basic colours, but I was amazed how many different colours I can create by combining them together!


DIY Nail Polish Equipment

This is the equipment for measuring the amount of nail polish base and tinter. Oooh, so scientific!!

Okay, here is a video on how to make DIY nail polish! I hope you enjoy and who knows, maybe inspire you to try it yourself??? 😀



Franken Nail Polish

This is the end result of the experiment!! I actually made these different shades of pink, specifically for this Mofy inspired nail art!!

Are you interested in creating your own nail polishes now?? I mentioned in the video, but if you live outside of Australia, try googling “DIY nail polish” or “Franken polish supplies” to find a store that ships to your country 😀 If you live in Australia, Nail Super Store is my fav! (I’m NOT sponsored by them!! lol)

Thank you for your visit!! xx