Goldfish Nail Art

This is the nail art of the day – Japanese style goldfish!

The theme for Day 8 of The 31 Day Challenge was “Metallic Nails”. Instead of painting all of my nails in shimmer, I decided to use actual metal.

The gold flakes I used are real gold and surprisingly edible. My mum gave them to me to decorate my cakes (Yes, I LOVE baking!! Hehe), but unfortunately, I never had a chance to use them and they EXPIRED!!! …sob but lol, sorry mum.

So! Below is the mini tutorial for this goldfish nail art, and I hope you like it 😀

Goldfish Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply red nail polish (OPI F19) on all nails. (How to Apply Nail Polish)
  2. Apply the three polishes – red, dark purple (essie 352) and black nail polish (OPI T02) on a make up sponge and dab onto the nail to create a gradation effect.
  3. Turn the sponge upside down and create an opposite gradation effect on the thumb and ring fingers.
  4. Clean up the skin and cuticle area with nail polish remover.
  5. Start drawing the goldfish. Draw the head first. (How to Hand Paint)
  6. Add the tail and fins.
  7. Apply top coat onto the area where the gold flakes are going to be placed.
  8. Place gold flakes with a damp paint brush. Apply top coat to seal.

Japanese Style Nail Art

I saw so many people participating in this challenge on IG and they all have AMAZING designs!! It’s so inspiring and sure is a challenge to do this everyday, but it’s fun!!

Thank you for visiting!! <3 xxx