Rainbow Nail Art

This is my first time to do rainbow nail art…well, first time to even paint my nails in so many different colours!! The good thing is I liked it 😀

These were for Day 9 of The 31 Day Challenge. Wow, I will be doing nail art literally everyday for 10 days tomorrow!! I’ve never done anything for 10 days in a row in my life apart from eating and sleeping lol.

Can I keep going?! I’m not sure, but so far so good.

Below is the mini tutorial for this design. Please enjoy!

Rainbow Flower Nails Tutorial

  1. Apply white nail polish (OPI Alpine Snow) on all nails. (How to Apply Nail Polish)
  2. Start creating the rainbow effect with a small piece of makeup sponge.
  3. Keep adding different colours overlapping each other a little bit.
  4. This is after applying all of the colours once.
  5. Repeat step 2 and 3 to make the colours stronger.
  6. Clean up the skin and the cuticle areas with nail polish remover.
  7. Draw a few circles with white acrylic paint. This will help positioning the flowers. (How to Hand Paint)
  8. Draw petals inside the circles.
  9. Fill the nails leaving the petals. Apply top coat to complete.

I hope you like it!! Thank you for visiting!! <3xx