Easy Stamping NailsToday’s post is about Easy Stamping Nails for beginners… like ME!! I never told you but I’ve been practicing my stamping technique for a little bit. I’m still at the super beginner level, but I think I’m ready to show my progress!

Easy Nail StampingThanks to my favourite stamping queen Cassis from Nails by Cassis (her Instagram: @cassis_p), she knows so much about stamping and the method I used today is also what I learnt from her! For this design I used the self-made decal method, since I’m not all that confident of stamping directly onto my nails yet.

Here is the mini tutorial of how to create self-made decals using stamping tools!

Easy Stamping Nails Tutorial

What I used:


Bundle Monster Plate 718

This is my first Bundle Monster stamping plate and I also used their stampers which was simply a game changer! Before I used these stampers, I wasn’t very successful with picking up the thin lined designs such as swirls and vines. But it’s not a problem any more and I’m so happy to be able to have these awesome swirls on my nails!! This set of two stampers has a different texture – shiny or matte, and for me, the shiny one works the best so far!

Bundle Monster Stamper

Easy Stamping Nail ArtThe rainbow holographic polish (that I used as the base) shines like magic under the sun. This design looks feminine and calm, which is not really my type of nails, but I like them… I like the SWIRLS!!!

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