EXO Baekhyun Nail Art

Since I was introduced to the world of Kpop music a few months back, that’s all I’ve been listening to right now!! The girl who requested / warned about the deep hole of Kpop was right! I’m falling deeper and deeper into the hole each day LOL!!

Anyways, even though I LOVE listening to Kpop music so much, I’m still learning about the popular groups and their members. So far, my favourite groups are BTS, BigBang, BlackPink and EXO.

Today, I’ve created a nail art design inspired by a member of EXO, Baekhyun and his superpower which is the Light.

EXO Superpower Nail Art Light

I usually spend a lot of time for the character design on my thumb, and try creating something simpler for the rest. But today, I went against my own rule and did a lot of hand painting on all nails!


EXO Logo Nail Art Orange

This greedy design includes an EXO logo, “Baekhyun” in futuristic letters and the symbol of his superpower (Light).


EXO Logo Orange

I’m super happy with how the loose orange/ yellow glitter powder turned out under the hand painted designs! It’s SO sparkly!! I used my DIY sheer black nail polish around the logo to tone it down, so that the logo will be the brightest part of the nail.


Baekhyun Nails

It is not my cup of tea to hand paint letters on my nail. So I’m pretty proud that I took on this challenge!


Baekhyun Superpower Nails

This is the Light symbol on my index. I kept both sides nudie to keep the entire design balanced. I always like keeping some nudie or negative spaces on one or two nails.


Baekhyun Nail Art

I struggled a lot when I tried to draw the portraits of BigBang for Christmas, so this time, I decided to stick to a Japanese anime character style when drawing Baekhyun.

Here is the video of how I made this design – I hope you enjoy!

<EXO Baekhyun Nail Art Design>


EXO Baekhyun Nails

If you were allowed to have a superpower like the EXO members, what would it be??

Thank you for your visit!! <3 xxx