Polish Blast Nail Art

I’m so excited to show you my recent mani which is based on a mobile app game Polish Blast!! Do you play games on your phone or tablet? I DO!!! This may sound like my iPad is filled with hundredsย of different app games, but I actuallyย play only a handful that I’ve really enjoyed for many years.


Polish Blast Inspired Nail Art

Polish Blast is one of my recent additions to my “everyday game list”. ย In this list, I have HayDay, Candy Crush, TsumTsum, Neko Atsume, Clash of Clans, Best Fiends and Ever After High Tea Party Dash! Yes, I play them EVERYDAY!! What? I should be doing more nail art and contribute to my blog and social media? Hahaha, you’re completely right! ๐Ÿ˜€


Polish Blast Nails

In Polish Blast, you match these cute nail polish bottle characters in the same colour to clear them. It sounds like a typical puzzle game, right? But it’s not! You can match these bottles sideways, longways, diagonally, clockwise and anticlockwise!


Cute Polish Sandi Nail Art

This game is not only super fun and addictive, the characters, graphics, music and the whole thing is SUPER CUTE!!! Of course it is, because it’s produced by Sandi from CutePolish!! There is a character of her in the game and I LOOOVE her!!!


Here is the Polish Blast nail art tutorial video, which was featured on CutePolish! I hope you enjoy!!


Cute Polish Nails

Hehehe, you might have seen this if you watched the video to the end. I have turnedย Sandi into Sailor Senshi and wore her on my left hand!!! What a freak I am?!!! In case you’re not familiar with Sailor Senshi, it comes from my favourite Japanese animation called Sailor Moon. I love both Sailor Moon and Sandi, so I simply combined them together lol.

Well! It’s time for me to go through my Everyday Game List. What are your fav mobile apps??

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