Cat Princess Nail Art“Studs Fever” – that’s what I’m into at the moment. Ever since I received an awesome set of studs from Bundle Monster, I’m using them on everywhere on my nails!


Pink And Gold Easy Nail ArtFor this design, I started with Bardot from piCture pOlish. And then, using a cream colour acrylic paint, I hand painted the quilt lines on the ring finger and the draping lines on the rest of the nails.


Picture Polish BardotBardot is a soft pink colour with a hint of orange. You can see a shade of grey in the bottle, but that’s because it has a decent amount of silver glitter. Once applied onto the nails, the grey shade becomes less visible.


Pink Cat Nail ArtThe theme of this design is A Cat Princess! I tried to create a graceful look rather than cute, did I succeed? Anyways, I hand painted the cat with acrylic paint, and then I added the gold studs and a small rhine stone on the Princess’s tiara. They definitely helped adding gorgeousness to the whole design.


Bundle Monster Gold StudsI used the triangle studs for the bow and the smallest round studs all over my nails. (Bundle Monster Metal Studs)


Bundle Monster RhinestonesFor the tiara, I used one of the smallest clear rhinestones. (Bundle Monster Stones) These stones have a pointed bottom, which means they can be used as 3D charms. And they have ammmazing sparkles!!!


Ragdoll Cat Nail ArtOn my left hand, I have A Cat Prince in blue. The nail polish I used for this is Mojito from Beyond The Nail. (Here is my Mojito Swatch Post)


Prince Princess Kitty Nail ArtThe only difference between these two munchkins is the eyelashes, lol. Sorry kitty, I can’t draw eyelashes with my non-dominant hand, so you’re a boy!


Fluffy Cat Nail ArtI really like these tiny studs which don’t make the design look too GOTH, if you know what I mean. I’ve already used some of the cutest shapes on my Velvet Halloween Kitty Nail Art, so please check it out 😀

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