Black Butler Nail Art Sebastian

Happy Valentine’s day!! My V’day nail art for this year was inspired by a character from Black Butler, Sebastian Michaelis! I’ve done a Black Butler inspired nail art design with a different character in this post, but the character I chose back then turned out to be the master of the butler. So, I decided to try the actual butler today!

Black Butler Nails Sebastian

The main colours I chose to use for this design are red and black, which are inspired by Sebastian’s black hair and his reddish brown eyes.


Black Butler Sebastian

I was going to add some black roses around him, but I was afraid that they could blend and disappear into his hair and outfit. Instead, I drewΒ him holding a heart shaped pink chocolate πŸ™‚


Black Butler Nail Art Design Sebastian

There was actually one more Sebastian design (the photo above) which I didn’t like how it turned out. I decided to redo it because his hair is too grey and…um, he looks way too evil LOL


Valentines Day Nails Roses

The photo above is the rest of the design. They’re not reallyΒ linked to the Black Butler theme, but I loveΒ having some non-anime related designs on these four.


Valentines Day Nail Art Roses

For the gradient, I made a sheer red polish by combining a drop of Bridget polish (Picture Polish) and a clear polish. The colour turned out just like a strawberry jam and I really liked it!


So! Here is the video of how I made this design. You can see the process of the sheer polish making in the video as well! Well, I’m just mixing two polishes together though, hahaha!

<Black Butler Nail Art – Sebastian>


CutePolish Nail Vlogger

The super cute red glitter polish that I used for my accent nail is Nail Vlogger from the NCLA CutePolish collection! It is loaded with gorgeous apple red glitter, some rainbow holo and large black glitter. I thought this would go well with the rest ofΒ the black and red design!


Black Butler Sebastian Nails

This isΒ probably the first time I’ve done two characters from the same anime or movie!! I’ve started doing more anime related designs only a few months ago, but I’m enjoying it so much and I’d love to continue (also Kpop inspired designs) πŸ˜€

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day!Β Thank you for your visit <3 xxox